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QuickGloss Detailer

QuickGloss Detailer

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QuickGloss Detailer is a specially formulated product designed to enhance protection by utilizing its high concentration of active SiO2. The presence of SiO2 prolongs the durability of existing protective layers while also increasing hydrophobic properties. This versatile product can even be used on untreated paint surfaces to swiftly apply an effective protective coating.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Gently spray the formula onto a damp microfiber cloth or pad.
  2. Apply the solution in a crisscross pattern, covering one panel at a time to ensure thorough and uniform application.
  3. Allow the product to cure for no more than 30 seconds.
  4. Polish off using a soft microfiber cloth.

Pro Tip:

For optimal results, apply QuickGloss in a cool, shaded area and work on one panel at a time to prevent the product from fully drying before buffing.

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